North Vancouver Facility – youth are transported to the centres via WKF transportation from their home school for a two hour, once a week session for 8 -10 weeks to engage in team building physical literacy and a development work book program that focuses on overall health and wellness, making positive choices, goal setting and becoming a mentor and a leader in their everyday activities and in our communities. The youth are also given a healthy snack and if time allows, they have social peer time in our lounge area. We currently have 14 elementary schools enrolled as well as Mountainside Secondary, and students from the Choices Program (designed to support students with social/emotional and behavioural issues). Students receive assistance in recognizing and overcoming challenges that have caused barriers to their learning and can remain connected with, and belong to, their local school community.

If you are an educator or agency, interested in enrolling in our school program, please contact Joe Yankanna