Young people are the voice of our future, each with their own unique story to tell and perspective to share.

Historically, music has been a powerful tool of expression and an outlet for both dreams and real-life frustrations. At the Co.LAB Studio, our purpose is to identify, motivate and uplift young people who possess the desire to produce original music. Removing doubts and obstacles while simultaneously providing them with the knowledge and tools necessary to write, record, mix, master and distribute industry-quality recordings.


Many youths - especially those being raised in adverse circumstances - are inclined to seek out opportunities to create music. Often spending their own money and putting themselves in unsafe situations to do so.

This program has also been used in conjunction with Trauma Counselling to assist youth dealing with trauma. Conveniently located within the already thriving Washington Kids Foundation Centre, Co.LAB is a space specially designed for these young creators. A safe, stimulating environment has been curated specifically for them – with an emphasis on motivation and encouragement. Amid a rich collection of software and hardware, our students will be able to produce beats, record instruments and vocals, mix/master their songs, and even learn how to DJ with Serato and the Denon DJ controller. Washington Kids Foundation has made this a possibility and will continue fostering and supporting the Co.LAB Studio Arts Program as it develops into an extremely impactful initiative. As previously stated, youth are the voice of our future. We intend to provide them with a platform to tell their story and a figurative megaphone to amplify it to the masses.