Our Mission

At Washington Kids Foundation we sincerely believe that all youth deserve the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential. We inspire youth to live with purpose, passion and commitment to build the necessary skills to overcome challenges and experience sustained success. Our programs provide a platform for youth to compete, connect and care for themselves and others.

Our Philosophy

Our Life Pillars philosophy – made up of Fit For Life, Lead For Life and Learn For Life elements, is designed to give youth a solid foundation on which to create a better life. By providing a positive, safe environment and a team of mentors dedicated to helping youth reconnect with their passions and goals, we help them overcome obstacles getting in the way of their success.

  • Fit For Life – emphasizes the use of fitness, training, and nutrition in order to help youth improve motor skills, flexibility, strength, and team participation skills. By learning healthy ways of living, youth can see marked improvements in their overall physical and mental well-being.
  • Lead for Life – uses the power of relationship and mentorship to help youth become more self-aware and introspective, increase their overall confidence and self-esteem, and foster respect for themselves and others. Youth grow these skills through individual and group sessions, as well as, ongoing 1:1 mentorship from our coaches.
  • Learn for Life – teaches youth to be life-long learners by helping them develop effective reading, studying, and homework skills, while also creating space for youth to explore topics they are passionate about.